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CHILIpublisher for Magento2.x

Name Description Latest Version Composer Type Link
CHILIconnector Magento2.x Connector for CHILIpublisher 2.1.19 enobis/module-chili-editor - read more
CHILILib CHiliLibrary - Central (SOAP) API Wrapper for CHILI-API 1.0.19 enobis/chili-lib requirement -
CHILILib-Rest CHiliLibrary - Central (REST) API Wrapper for CHILI-API 1.0.1 enobis/chili-lib-rest optional -
Custom-Options-Preassignment Functionality to preassign custom options with values from customer and customer-address entities 1.0.7 enobis/module-pre-assignment requirement -
CHILI Document Workflows Simple Document Workflows for CHILIconnector 1.12.6 enobis/module-chili-document-workflow optional read more
CHILI My Documents Advanced Document Management for CHILIconnector 1.5.8 enobis/module-chili-my-document optional read more
CHILI Advanced Renderer Advanced Renderer Features (Image, HTML) for CHILIconnector 1.0.28 enobis/module-chili-advanced-renderer optional (free) read more
CHILI Document Variants Document Variants for CHILIconnector 1.0.4 enobis/module-chili-document-variant optional (free) -
CHILI Document Lifecycle Lifecycle information about a document from the draft to the final version. 1.0.3 enobis/module-chili-document-lifecycle required by CHILIGrafX-Publisher read more
CHILI Document Instant Checkout Create orders without going to the cart and checkout for CHILI-Documents WIP enobis/module-chili-instant-checkout optional read more

Other extensions for Magento2.x

Name Description Latest Version Composer Type Link
Booking and Reserveration Simple Booking and Reservation System (per day) for Magento 2.x - enobis/module-booking -  
Budgets Budgets for Magento 2.x 1.11.4 enobis/module-budgets - read more
Quotas Quotas for Magento 2.x enobis/module-quota -  
Campaigns Campaign-Management for Magento 2.x 2.2.3 enobis/module-campaign - read more
Catalog Product Customer Attribute-Filter Dynamic product filtering via matching product- and customer-attribute values 1.3.0 enobis/module-catalog-product-customer-attribute-filter - read more
Costcenter Costcenter (offline) payment method for Magento 2.x - enobis/module-costcenter -  
Abandoned Customer Automatic "maintenance" for abandoned customer accounts by resetting passwords and deleting unused accounts. 1.0.3 enobis/module-abandoned-customer - read more
Impersonation Simple frontend impersonation tool for Magento 2.x - enobis/module-impersonation -  
Order Workflow Simple order workflows based on different reasons 1.8.10 enobis/module-orderworkflow - read more

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