Chili Publish Soap will reach End of Life in June 2022.

As a customer of Chili Publish, you should have already received a message, that the soap support for the CHILIpublier will reach end of life in June 2022. You must switch to rest now!

Our enobis Chili Editor Extensions can use both, the Soap and Rest Protocoll of Chili Publish. Which protocoll is used depends on which chili-lib Module is installed in your Magento2 Installation.

Please make sure that you install the correct chili-lib-rest module to your Magento2 Installation before June 2022. Left untouched, you risk that your services around CHILI publisher Online are potentially non-functional when SOAP support is no longer available in June.

To ensure that you are using our CHILIConnector with the rest api of the CHILIpublisher, p lease take a look at our documentation at

Please proceed in the following steps:

To verify if your already using chili-lib-rest
type the following command in a command shell in the root directory of your magento2 installation.

composer info enobis/chili*

If the output displays:

enobis/chili-lib-rest 1.1.4 Implements REST Magento2-Connector Library for ChiliPublish

your are save and have nothing else todo. (the version number may differs in your installation)

If the output displays:

enobis/chili-lib 1.0.25 Implements Magento2-Connector Library for ChiliPublish

(the version number may differs in your installation)

Than you have to replace it with the rest lib by the following command

composer require enobis/chili-lib-rest

The command will replace the soap with the latest rest lib.

Please make sure that you receive the latest chili-lib-rest version that is 1.1.4

Please test in your staging before applying this changes in your production environement