Attention: "Action Required: Upcoming API Response Format Updates"

updated 16 april 2024: see below

we (and probably you) have already received the important information from CHILIpublish regarding "Action Required: Upcoming API Response Format Updates". Here is the original message from Sean Crowe (Global Director of Technical Success) of CHILIpublish


"I am reaching out to highlight critical changes to our API response format, effective after May 13th, 2024. 
These changes will impact the XML structure across multiple output APIs and are crucial for improving stability and performance.

If you are no longer managing CHILI integrations or plugins, feel free to ignore this message. However,
if you have active projects on CHILI GraFx, please review to ensure a seamless transition. Detailed information and actions required by your team can be found here:

Output Task Response Changes Coming After 2024-05-13 - GraFx Publisher Documentation - Confluence (

We urge you to prioritize reviewing these changes to avoid any service disruptions. For assistance or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sean Crowe

Global Director of Technical Success"


For all customers who use our CHILIConnector, I can announce that we are already working on a solution to this issue. The solution will take the form of a new version of our CHILIConnector. We will announce more detailed information about the specific version, installation and configuration asap.

For all other users of the GraFx platform: Please take this information seriously and work out a solution for your integration immediately. Otherwise you will have to expect serious problems.

Update 16  April 2024:

Dear customers,

over the last few weeks we have been intensively comparing and testing the url handling of our extensions with the Chili Publish version planned for May.

The good news is that we have not found any problems so far and that the url handling in our Magento2 Chili extensions should already fulfil the requirements for the May update of Chili. 

(see tested versions below*) 


Important note: This information corresponds to the current state of knowledge and is based on tests with the sandbox version provided in advance and ultimately offers no guarantee that faults can not occur in the version that will be installed to your Chili Publish live system in May.


We would therefore ask you to carry out your own tests with your sandboxes. Especially if you are using additional custom integrations with chili.  If you find any problems in your own sandbox tests or after the Chili Live update please let us know immediately in an email to our support email address  support  [at]

A general recommendation is certainly that you proactively update your installation to our current/newest extension version, so that if an update is unexpectedly necessary, the change effort is minimized.

We will discuss our findings with our technical advisors at Chili Publish and will keep you informed if new findings emerge that make an update necessary.


Tested Versions:

Magento2 Versions 2.4.4 -> 2.4.6 

PHP version 7.4 -> 8.1

enobis/chili-lib-rest 1.x

enobis/module-chili-editor 3.x